2418 W Battlefield Rd • Springfield, MO
LUNGARNO Porcelain Tile & Mosiacs

Lungarno Ceramics is committed to supplying customers with the finest products the tile industry has to offer. Through the synthesis of global sourcing/manufacturing, logistics, and customer service we are uniquely positioned to provide services at every level of the supply chain.

In an era of global competition and market saturation, we have the tools in place to meet the needs of our customers in this dynamic business landscape.

LUNGARNO Porcelain Tile & Mosiacs products at a glance.

  • Tiles that capture the rich look of handcrafted fabric.
  • Alluring handcrafted wall tile.
  • Dramatic waterjet styles inspired by nature.
  • Versatile and classic. Timeless mosaics provide endless style options.
  • Classic black and white color combination makes any space sophisticated, chic and timeless.

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