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WEDI Riolito Pan

WEDI Riolito Pan is an internally waterproof and pre-sloped shower floor base with factory integrated and waterproofed close-to-wall channel drainage for fast track installations that eliminate the many different steps and products involved in traditional mortar bed or semi pre-fabricated sheet – or liquid membrane system installations . Fundo Riolito can be customized in the field and cut to size fitting shower stalls smaller than the nominal size of the product. Fundo Riolito is available in select sizes featuring either four – way slope designs with even perimeter thickness for easy recessing into subfloor construction or as traditional one – way slope designs especially accommodating the use of large format tile. Fundo Riolito can be directly tiled over upon installation and there is no limitation to the size of tile or type of tile and cement based tile setting materials selected. Fundo Riolito is available with select drain cover options.

WEDI Riolito Pan Technical datasheet - PDF


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